A strong super galactic alliance formed by the wondrous world of Star Wars and the streets of Copenhagen.

The paths of Le Fix and Star Wars meet in a capsule collection artistically created to honor the epic intergalactic saga.

As a cultural reference point for people across borders we believe Star Wars has been one of the most important contributions to art and popular culture in the last 40 years.

With an artistic approach to the Star Wars universe we have handcrafted all prints and patterns for the collection.

The artworks in the collection are new spins on the universally recognizable Star Wars universe. With great attention to detail, we have created a series of subtle artworks that encapsulate what Star Wars means to Le Fix.

Summer 2016

Rasmus Weng Karlsen

Benny Kusk

Make Up:
Mette Schou

Assistent Photographer and Video:
Nikolaj Thaning

Tue Track

Hans, Mate Mgmt
Malte, Mate Mgmt